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Indian food

Pedersgata is the center for food in Stavanger, and the city consists of an exciting variety of food, drinks, and art & culture from all corners of the world. Pedersgata is the only place in Stavanger where you can get a sense of Copenhagen and exciting districts in big cities, such as Williamsburg / Brooklyn. Stavanger consists of several exciting restaurants, and Zouq has a unique location in the city. Zouq is Stavanger’s only authentic Indian restaurant that has taken the city’s food lovers by storm. With good reviews and top marks in the media, as well as the audience award for best stand during the Gladmat Festival 2014, Zouq has thrilled discerning palates since opening in 2014. We have also been named Byas best take away in 2016, 2017 and 2019.

Zouq means passion and it is passion that shows in everything at Zouq. From the seat of the restaurant you can watch the preparation of the food, which takes place over fiery flamesat the grill station or in one of the large tandoor ovens. A rich menu tempts with Street food, hot- and barbecue dishes from Indian cuisine, as well as a good selection of vegetarian alternatives.

We have a real passion for Indian food, and what we serve is based on old family recipes where it is strictly forbidden to take shortcuts in either preparation or presentation. A meal with us will satisfy much more than just the sense of taste, and we put together a menu that suits exactly your wishes and needs.

Indian food

We prepare traditional meals where we do not allow ourselves to take any shortcuts in cooking.

Indian food is founded on passion and proper craftsmanship, and what you are served is soulful and authentic. At Zouq you can order curries, barbecue, naan bread and tapas for all types of events. We deliver high quality Indian food at a reasonable price that has already satisfied several event holders. Rich in tradition and from the bottom up, with love. For all occasions.